Sunday, October 17, 2010


Seasons of time and seasons of life have been eternally intertwined by illustrious poets. The day was one of remembrance of the Father of the nation. October second had dawned and even as I had just finished my breakfast with a sweet to top it, the telephone rang incessantly. As I diligently picked the receiver, I found the young man at the other end having mixed feelings of joy as well as expectations. He enquired about me and sought an assurance that I would not laugh at the news he was about to share. There was an inkling that this young man who had been married for about 10 months would in all probability be telling me that he would soon be a father. However, I chose caution over valour and handed him the solemn assurance.

Even as the assurance was handed over, he laughed and said that may be I was aware but still he would share the news with me on first person count. The news was he had become a father the previous afternoon. Apparently, he was bestowed with a healthy boy though the mother had to go through a caesarian. As I was sharing his joy, I could hear the buzz of another person trying to reach me. But I did not wish to cut short the joy and pleasure of a young father all of 26 years far from his young wife and newborn son as well as his parents. After a good half an hour of drenching in the joy of this young lad, I felt that the sweet of the morning had been well served.

Another call came in from my fried informing me that he had changed his schedule for the day and he would not be able to meet me. Empathising with his needs I deferred to his wishes and placed the receiver back.

The telephone rang again. I was a bit annoyed at the invention. Days of peace were lost, I thought to myself as I raised the receiver. It was a call from a sister of my old class mate. ( If yours truly can be old then his classmate would be no lesser ain't it?) Even as I settled down for a long chat, she reprimanded me on long telephonic chats and got down to business. She informed me that the ailing father of our mutual friend had just breathed his last and I should be by his side. Understanding the enormity of the issue I rushed to the home to offer my tributes and condolences.

The friend of ours was in an inconsolable state while his mother was in shock. I refrained from offering any words and motioned to his wife for a few words of succour. After the passage of a few minutes I found him giving vent to his grief and regrets. Taking charge, I subtly told him that he should be the pillar of strength for his bereaved mother. Soon relatives and friends came in and I left the family in their hands.

Trekking back home, I realised that nature had taught me the best lesson of the birth and death cycle. Fatherhood for one and the loss of father's shadow for another. Few days later, I found myself in a good positon to handle a delicate issue of emotions with less ado. It is obviously that the proverbs and adages were written by experienced souls.
Spring and autumn mired themselves at my place and nature had its last say for this emotional fool.

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