Saturday, July 7, 2018


"Do not turn green with envy" was an admonishing tone overheard. Green and envy appeared to be distant in every manner. The remark took me to the kitchen garden of Dr Kadur and his display of the produce therefrom


The greenery on the towel alone is soothing. Imagine having a small stretch of garden from wherein you get your own vegetables and fruits. The garden patch on the first floor house was a small receptacle constructed by bricks and filled with mud to grow a beautiful jasmine creeper. Moving to a new place, the soil was treated to a host of plants from tomatos, potatos to the various greens and flowering creepers. Into our own dwelling meant that the rich rustic background of my parents would help nurture coconut trees, guava, gooseberry, plantain with the betel leaves creeper, jasmine creeper, and ornamental plants co habiting with each other. The lithe figure of yours truly was used to harvest the broad beans and guavas while the richness of the green tracts were guarded zealously by my parents.

It is true that green brings in freshness not only to the produce but also to the mind. Nurturing a garden helps one appreciate the wonders of nature's creativity. The high school days saw us stroll these wondrous paths of Cubbon Park

Image result for cubbon park pictures

These trees dot the landscape till date and provide much needed succour to the fatigued souls. It is also said that the view of the greenery exercises the eye muscles unconsciously resulting in preservation of vision.

These gardens also help us understand the tilling of one's own mind, nurturing the greenery as well as promoting freshness in the mind and body. This invigorating feast of gardening can never foster envy but only help in marvelling at  nature's play. A good day's labour will turn the garden into a pride for the entire neighbourhood too.