Wednesday, August 27, 2014


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Yours truly has been a beneficiary of many a moral science sermons from the school days. The dawn of high technology has only enabled the same to be part of websites, transmitted through emails, social media and mobile applications. These strikingly simple tales drive home the point that life is simple but we strain our sinews to complicate matters. In the recent past the inbox popped up two significant mails - one containing five gems while another consisted of nine treasures. Some were tales which had been read in one form or another while some were refreshingly new while all of them made one to introspect. Normally these mails made a momentary impact only for time to draw the veil of amnesia to make way for the routine and mundane. Interestingly, this time over, one of the tales was about a young boy who wishes to fly like a bird but meets another who is crippled and soon the former helps the latter to fly. Hardly a day later, the mail had begun its movement towards the rear cavities of the brain when yours truly noticed a young blind person standing at a busy traffic junction. Hesitatingly, when help was proferred the apparent beneficiary of the act explained the direction to be led to. After the busy junction was passed, it crossed the mind that the actual beneficiary was yours truly. The physically blind person had significantly brought the mail back to the fore. The internal eyes which were being blurred by one's own "woes" opened up to realise that there were many other obstacles. Even as the dreamy internal eyes wondered whether to return to slumber or attempt to awaken, a jolt came in the form of another person who had to rush to take care of an ailing spouse and another call came reminding me of the terrible situation of a parent trying to deal with a retarded child without exposing his emotions to the cruel world. Indeed the soul was blessed!

The internal eyes now awoke to a reality that one issue would appear smaller or insignificant the moment a larger issue surfaced. Is it for this reason that many public figures take on the social issues rather than their personal issues? The time to ruminate is now fast closing and the time to act is fast approaching. The need of the hour is to identify the 'talent' that is to be spent for the benefit of the general good. Gratitude is due to all who have contributed to this awakening effort. But the true tribute would be when something concrete is done. 

As such thoughts raced through me two incidents crossed my mind. One was of a cab driver who had shared his cup of woes as he did not know his calling and the other was an accidental visit to a pilgrim centre on a day of its piety and drawn by a stranger to its hallowed premises. It only further strengthened the urge to act. So deeds here is someone to do your bidding!!! Top Post on IndiBlogger

Saturday, August 16, 2014


August 15th marked a day of celebration, introspection and rejuvenation. The day commenced early to be a part of the ceremony to unfurl the tricolour amidst pageantry. This was followed by the rendering of several patriotic songs which albeit rendered in a different timbre brought one closer to the emotions of the originals. Through the ceremony the attention on several persons in their black three piece suits which a spotless white shirt or black galaband made one wonder whether we were more in mourning for the martyrs or whether  we could not but be a part of the British cultural ethos even as we performed to a choreographed patriotic fervour.

The observation may incite a few criticisms for a keen eye to see that a glass is half empty rather than the need to look at it as half full with water and half filled with air. But, it would be untrue to conceal this emotion. The failure of a professional to deliver the song set one of the amateurs to render an impromptu rendition of one of the memorable songs of Raj Kapoor lore. The rendition held the attention of one and all as the performance was par excellence for an amateur. It made yours truly wonder as to why such occasions are not utilised to felicitate the talented colleagues.

Even as such thoughts drifted through a huge query arose as to whether such an impromptu exercise could be performed by all let alone the author of this blog. An eye opener was the fact that each one possesses a unique combination of talents which need to be harnessed for the benefit of humankind.

The realisation resulted in the rejuvenated vigour to introspect to deliver!!!