Saturday, June 8, 2019


A wail is heard in the labour room and as joy radiates on the newborn's mother's face, we hear questions "whom does the child resemble?" The child grows and we speak of the gestures and mannerisms being identical to another individual ranging from parents, uncles, aunts, cousins et al. Adolescence and adulthood imprints the generational Mr/Ms X as the case may be with the likelihood of this child passing on some genetic traits to another new born. This is scientifically established fact too.

In this journey, one encounters many persons with different facets. Icons from the peer group, the traits of beloved friends and unconscious absorption of the traits of ones who have influenced the moulding of the character over a period of time get assimilated into oneself.

As a child, any comparison to someone else would infuriate yours truly who believed that uniqueness was bestowed on this blessed individual. But in a decade's time evolved a nephew born of a paternal cousin sister who resembled his father in totality but in a side view or profile view startled one out of the skin with his resemblance to yours truly. In another decade another cousin from the maternal side emerged who in his adolescence was dubbed my twin. Science of genetics played its role in humbling yours truly's bloated ego.

As years rolled on we parted ways at school and college. Reunion time rolled in. the surprise of surprises was that close chums not only reminisced their days but retained a nugget from their bosom friends with whom they had parted ways over a decade ago as a trait as validated by their spouses. This brought to the fore another friendship which is treasured and chronicled in the posts

We realized that we were on different paths with different goals. We were separated as chalk from cheese. A shy reserved person had morphed into a social animal while another boisterous kid had emerged as a responsible parent and caretaker. But all retained that trait that they had borrowed from their bosom friend who also retained that trait he had shared. This would baffle even the geneticists but as they say one is to be judged by the company you keep. 

Time rolled when a childhood friend who had parted ways decades ago dropped in to invite us for her daughter's wedding. The invite in itself was embedded with the traits imbibed from my mother in her childhood days.

This is a tribute to Tim Mc graw who could put it so succintly

We all take different paths, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other

Saturday, June 1, 2019


The World Cup is in motion and a new debate has opened up. Do generalists prevail over specialists? A thought provoking question indeed!

In the gentlemen's game there are many who eulogised Don Bradman, there were others who swore by Muthaiah Muralitharan but as we glean the pages of history we find the ones whom people turn to in times of crises are men like Richard Hadlee, Kapil Dev, Ian Botham or Imran Khan. The all rounder in them putting general fundas way above any of the specialization is felt.

We wade through a hospital for a diagnosis where a simple pain is referred to a neurologist who says nerves are normal. Thereafter a reference is made to a rheumatologist who says it is a spasm where as a general physician would say it at first shot. But is there a choice?

We enter an office for a redressal. We are told the grievance is right but only the computer specialist can say how to redress it on the system. Another example of forgetting basics to specialize.

The higher studies as it is called was to enhance the knowledge in a particular field and not to ignore the fundamentals. Imagine a Chartered Accountant stating that he can audit but cannot pass a journal entry or a Cost Accountant stating that he can only read costing and cost centres. 

Closer home, imagine the lady of the house stating that she is a specialist in turning out a single dish and would only do that while a cook needs to be hired for the others or a housemaid stating that she is an expert in mopping while sweeping is a different department.

As one goes on the truth emerges that a more complete polymath is definitely the need of the hour while specialization should add value to the polymath and not erode his basic value.