Monday, May 2, 2016


It appears as though the havoc wreaking rains of Chennai were lashing just a couple of days back. The waves of flood material and the launches seem a mirage but for the occasional mention in the poll campaign. The traditional new year showers too have been deceptive and an occasional look at the sign boards give us a sense of assurance that it is indeed the Garden City of India.

The blazing sun of the day have virtually dried up the scant water resources and the drought looks to be staring us in the face. The vagaries of nature are so bewitching that the very people who were tormented by the rains and desperately wished for some sunlight are now sweating it out while yearning for the showers.

It brings to memory the famed tussle between the Sun and Cold winds which are out to prove their strength. The blazing sun makes one shed the varied layers of clothing that the cold winds of winter had forced one to drape. The technological might or the visionary ideas have not been able to make a dent on this uncontrollable phenomenon of weather. The only achievement is that we are able to predict the moods of Mother Nature but nothing beyond that.

As yours truly was musing about this, the hot wind lashed the face competing with the scorching sun in a tussle that could put any T20 match to the shadows. The endearing smiles of small children on being splashed with water also brought to memory the terrifying screams that are let out by them when the mother tries to give them a bath in the morning. Beads of sweat turned into rivulets and the wish that some technology could convert them to potable water to satiate the thirst dawned in the dimmed wits. The old days of the PM airing the thoughts on drought conditions have resurfaced. The "Neer Sab" who passionately provided water to the parched throats of these very denizens comes into imagery of the ones who inhabited this place in the eighties. 

As these thoughts dominate the sunny landscape, the wait for the visionary dewans of Mysuru or the politician who took his job seriously seems to be worse than the wait for the precious drop of water. The need to replace the concrete wonders being churned out by the builders has only been met with a property tax hike in a city which is gasping for breath. The situation of the summer will compete for better times during the rainfall as the municipal authorities fail to clean up the system. The glimmer of sunshine therefore needs to be taken in full stride as the wait for the redeemer continues!!!