Sunday, June 27, 2010


Numbers have fascinated humans for a long time. Probably the need for numbers arose when humans tried to keep a track of the repetitions in the activity. Maybe the tally mark was the first system of using them as a counting machinery in a systematic manner.

The most avowed hater of arithmetic or mathematics would still be indulging in some sort of a number game or so it seems. If anyone's eyebrows are raised by this do look around.The residence we live in, the office we occupy, the telephone we use for communication, the areas are identified by Postal Index Number or Code Numbers and so on are some examples.We have had numbers to identify ration cards, voter cards, criminals, convicts and undertrials,the ticket by which we would be entitled for travel, the seat or berth which is reserved, the milestones on the road, the various meters/ metres, the measures and weights,etc., the list could go on.

With the onset of technology we have now moved from numbering the various things to methods of numbering oneself. We have methods to numbers as employee identification numbers, voters identification number, Permanent Account Numbers, Tax Deductors Account Numbers, the Unique Identification Number - hopefully would be the crowining glory.

As we were deliberating on our growing penchant for numbers a colleague of mine gave me a shocker. Guess what? the Government would come with a move that no human can bear a name. The edict would read that all naming ceremonies would be rendered irrelevant. But hard core traditionalists do not lose heart, we will still have a numbering ceremony. So be ready for mathematical nick names such A cubed 32 or B squared 29.

Gen next was replaced by Gen Y. Now we look forward to a numbered generation.

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